Best Practices
The Minnesota Department of Education provides research-based instructional strategies, model curricula and programs, and networking opportunities so educators across the state can share their ideas. We will continue to add new information as it becomes available. Please contact us with your ideas, questions or suggestions for improvement.

Blueprints: Redesigning Minnesota High Schools for the 21st Century, is a bi-monthly newsletter of the Center for Postsecondary Success to help high school administrators staff implement innovative programs and practices to increase student achievement. Issues include high school design stories, strategies, resources, and state and national events. Design Showcase highlights innovative, research-based Minnesota high school programs.

Planning for Students' Successful Transition to Postsecondary and Employment
Legislation requires all students, starting in 9th grade, to have a "plan" around seven key elements. The name for this plan will vary among districts, but it should be looked at as a life plan that includes academic scheduling, career exploration, 21st Century Skills, community partnerships, college access, all forms of postsecondary training, and experiential learning opportunities. The Planning for Students’ Successful Transition to Postsecondary Education and Employment (120B.125) Toolkit is a guide that includes resources in all seven required areas, as well as strategies and partnerships that can help districts implement this directive.