Teacher Development and Evaluation Resources
The tools on this page offer support, ideas and resources for districts and charter schools to use in the development of their local plans.

If you are interested in using the state model for principal and teacher evaluation, check out the resources available on the principal and teacher evaluation model pages.

Implementation Tools

Readiness Checklist for Teacher Development and Evaluation (TDE) – A tool to support local teams to implement TDE models in early stages of implementation. Created July 2014.

Checklist for Evaluation Models: Does Our Local Model Meet Requirements? – A tool for local teams to assess their local evaluation model to locally determine whether it meets requirements in statute. Updated July 2014.

Conferencing Guide for Superintendents – A tool superintendents may use to facilitate conversations with school leaders around district priorities, initiatives, and expectations. This guide outlines five key topics that are specific to teacher development and evaluation (TDE). Created July 2014

Professional Development Opportunities for Teacher Development and Evaluation (TDE)