Alternative Pathways to Licensure Frequently Asked Questions

November 6, 2014

When can I apply?

At this time there are not yet any programs that have applied or been approved by the Board of Teaching (BOT) under the new law. Once a program is in place, candidates will work directly with the program provider to apply, enroll and to complete the approved alternative program. The BOT has developed criteria in accordance with the law for program providers who wish to seek approval. The Board of Teaching welcomes applications from potential providers and encourages interested parties to review the information on the Board’s website (Preparing Teachers). As programs are approved, they will be listed on the Minnesota Department of Education and BOT websites.

What are the general program requirements of this law and what will candidates need to evidence once a program is in place in order to be admitted and complete an approved program?

· Bachelor's Degree with a 3.0 GPA

· Basic Skills in math, reading, and writing

· Content based Pedagogy exams

· Content based performance assessments

· Content/Subject specific rigorous exam

· Minimum of 200 instructional hours

· Student Teaching

· Mentoring, Induction, and evaluation

· Candidates will be members of the local collective bargaining unit and must abide by all district requirements of new teachers and evaluation

· After completing the program, candidates must be recommended by a school site team of teachers, principal, and higher education faculty in order to obtain a standard license.

· The BOT must evaluate programs and may revoke the approval of programs that are proven ineffective.

I am enrolled in a current licensing program (Minnesota college/university); can I quit and pursue an alternative program?

At this time there are no programs approved under the new law. We suggest that candidates remain in their current programs and wait to consider alternative programs as they become available.

Can I complete an alternative program for an endorsement field (i.e., to add a license to an already existing teaching license)?

At this time there are no programs approved under the new law, for either first time licenses or endorsements.

I completed a similar alternative program out-of-state, will that qualify?

Candidates who have completed alternative programs outside of Minnesota are already eligible to be reviewed and considered for Minnesota licensure. Such programs usually lead to temporary licensure or in some cases, full licensure, if they are determined to be essentially equivalent to a MN program. Not all will qualify. Individuals who have been licensed in another state via an alternative program should apply for a Minnesota license via the online application process. The authorization for Minnesota alternative programs is an effort to replicate the high quality alternative programs that are offered in some states.