District Forms

Personnel Variance Requests for General and Special Education

Districts may submit a Request for Personnel Variance through the Special Permission System only. Faxed or mailed paper requests will not be accepted; these will be returned.

Access The Special Permissions System

There are two ways to access the SPS online application system:

Directions regarding access to the SPS online application system can be found on the Minnesota Board of Teaching webpage.

Summer School Only Variances

If you need a variance to be extended from school year to summer school, please send an email to one of the below contacts with a request to extend the variance, including the file folder number and new end date.

If you need a new variance for a teacher to use only during summer school, complete a new application on SPS, making sure to click the box “includes summer/extended school year.”

Important information about Summer School Only variances:

  • These variances are not counted towards the total of three variances that a teacher can hold.
  • Advertisement is required for summer school positions.
  • These variances cannot be granted retroactively.

Helpful Tips for a Successful submission

The Status:

  • In progress – the application has not been submitted
  • Submitted – the application is submitted and ready to be reviewed
  • Approved – the application has been reviewed and approved
  • Not Approved – the application was not approved
  • Withdrawn – the application had been approved previously and then was requested to be withdrawn

Blue circle, white “i”: You have a message from the reviewer. Click on the blue dot to read the message. This is especially important if the status is “in progress” or “not approved.”

Contact Information: When reviewing the applications, we sometimes have questions. Please make sure the contact information is the person who can answer questions about the application.

Variance Help

Be sure that all your communication includes the teacher file folder number and your contact information.

General Education: Contact Kat Anthony-Wigle by email at Katherine.Anthony-Wigle@state.mn.us

Special Education: Contact Sue Koehler by email at Sue.Koehler@state.mn.us