Discover Roles
STEP 1: Discover the roles of a special education teacher

In Minnesota, special education teachers serve children and students from birth through age 21 with a variety of disabilities and abilities. There is plenty to learn about special education. It is a challenging, rewarding career with never-ending opportunities to contribute and grow.

Check out the following online resources to get a first look at what special education teachers do; how they fit in a district, school, or classroom; and what disabilities special education students may have.

The Minnesota Department of Education's Special Education in the Classroom page includes links to the 13 Minnesota categorical disability areas with links to resources for each one. See related resources.

Special education teachers have many roles. Visit the Personnel Improvement Center website to learn more about who special educators are and what they offer to children with disabilities and their families.

View an interview of an experienced special education teacher on the TeachCalifornia website.