Make a Plan

High School Student

So you are thinking you might want to be a special education teacher when you graduate from high school and college. Here are some things to think about and do now to prepare yourself for the requirements needed to enter this exciting career field.

Freshman through Senior Year

Volunteer with organizations that serve special education students, such as the Minnesota Special Olympics; explore tutoring or being a teaching assistant in your school (view the Minnesota Adapted Athletics website) for member teams and contacts; learn about camp, recreation, and leisure opportunities on the Camps of Courage and Friendship website; participate in social clubs organized in your school or community center for children and youth with disabilities.

Meet with your high school guidance counselor and map out the classes needed for entrance to the broadest range of colleges.

Sophomore through Senior Year

· Explore colleges and universities with special education teacher licensure programs. View the State-Approved Special Education Teacher Licensure Programs.

· Take the high school courses recommended for college entrance.

Junior and Senior Year

· Take the PSAT.

· Study for and take the ACT. Learn everything you can about the test and testing situation. If your school offers study sessions, attend. Visit the ACT website.

· Explore financial aid options on the Minnesota Office of Higher Education website.

Senior Year

· Complete college applications.

· Meet the deadlines.

· Apply for financial aid.