Curriculum and Instruction
The Department of Education provides research-based, quality curriculum resources for educators to use in the classroom. These resources can be used as models and revised, as needed, for each educator's particular needs. Curriculum and assessment alignment forms are available for schools and online learning providers for use in aligning local curriculum and assessment with the standards. Use the sample forms to help you get started. Specialty curricula, such as Indian Education, are included to give educators engaging lessons on a particular topic area.

  • Social Studies Standards in Excel - 10/22/14
    This spreadsheet allows for sorting of the standards and for adding columns for instructional resources and assessments.

Curriculum Alignment


  • Engaging Activities in the Arts  - 11/9/11
    The arts processes—create, perform and respond—ask students to engage in a variety of activities from generating ideas to presenting works of art. Some terms associated with these processes have generally agreed upon.

Indian Education Curriculum