Critical Components of MTSS

During the Initial Implementation stage, staff provide students with interventions and gather data on how students respond. Leadership and Implementation Teams actively monitor and support successful delivery of practices and student progress, making adjustments to professional development and organizational supports as necessary.

Staff work through the awkwardness that comes with trying out new practices, and ensure that they serve the right students and deliver interventions as intended. Teams actively observe and nurture all of staff to reach a quality standard thereby reducing the variations in delivery of evidence-based practices to students.

Leadership and Implementation Teams recognize that attention to staff-performance data and fidelity of implementation is necessary to design on-going training and coaching opportunities. This helps ensure ALL staff reach a quality implementation standard that leads to high levels of student performance. During the Initial Implementation stage, instructional staff use student-performance data to make decisions about the effectiveness of interventions for specific students who do not respond to interventions as expected.

Some of the resources for progress monitoring in this section also appear in the section on evaluating student work. This was intentional, since it is important to look at both progress monitoring and work samples.

Progress monitoring is critical for determining if the additional instruction is having its intended effect. Given trend analysis of progress-monitoring data, teachers and staff engaged in problem-solving will want to conduct a deeper level of analysis. Analysis of student work, such as quality of response, thinking, errors, and degree of transfer of knowledge, is also necessary to design the next steps of intervention and instruction.

Many teams may actually stagger how they select, install, and implement intervention supports across the tiers. As such, teams will need to carefully monitor the progress of school staff as they implement each evidence-based practice, making sure that all staff responsible for delivering, monitoring and adjusting the practices have what is necessary to be successful.



Problem Analysis for Individual Learner

Progress Monitoring