Schoolwide Decisions

The following tools and resources on standards and benchmarks will assist instructional leaders. 

Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision Making ( This 76-page guide includes evidence-based recommendations for creating the organizational conditions necessary to make decisions using student achievement data in classrooms, schools, and districts.

Surveys of Enacted Curriculum ( This tool compares the content of past standards to the Common Core State Standards in the subjects of mathematics, science, English language arts, and social studies. Teachers will find this tool helpful when mapping necessary changes in instruction and professional development.

Scaling Up Evidence-Based Practices Exploration Tool ( This five-page resource helps school and district teams determine whether a practice is evidence-based. This tool assesses the need for a particular program, determines how well the chosen program will align with other initiatives, evaluates the program’s potential effectiveness, and determines the organization’s capacity to implement the program. Developed by the Bloomington Public Schools (Minnesota).