Testing Resources
The Minnesota Department of Education provides information to help teachers prepare students for Minnesota's assessments and to interpret and utilize test results.

Item samplers are available to help teachers and students become familiar with the format and type of content included in each test. In addition, online student tutorials are available for the online tests. See the Item Samplers page for more information.

Achievement Level Descriptors (ALDs) describe the four levels of achievement on the Minnesota Academic Standards.  Developed by panels of Minnesota teachers, ALDs from the Individual Student Reports for reading, mathematics, science and English learner assessments are provided in this section.

Advisory panels: Qualified teachers and community members are needed to serve on the assessment advisory panels. Each advisory panel plays an important role in developing quality tests for Minnesota students. If you wish to submit an application to serve on a panel, please see Register for Advisory Panels for additional information.

Test specifications are specific rules and characteristics that guide the development of a test’s content and format. They indicate which strands, sub-strands, standards and benchmarks will be assessed on the test and in what proportions.  Test specifications are excellent tools for gaining an in-depth understanding of the content and format of the tests.  On the Test Specifications page you will find the specifications for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) in mathematics, reading, and science as well as other state tests.

Test Security Tip Line
Maintaining the integrity of tests and test items is of great importance to the Minnesota Department of Education. Improper or unethical behavior by students or educators undermines the validity of test score interpretation. Please report suspected incidents of cheating or piracy of test items using the Minnesota Statewide Test Security Tip Line.