Early Learning/Kindergarten Readiness
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The kindergarten year marks a transition in children's development and learning experiences. Children experience major cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional developments that need to be incorporated into kindergarten curriculum. Learn why it is as important to support individual students’ approaches to learning as it is to support what they are learning. Kindergarten teachers have a critical role in creating effective and engaging environments that support how children learn best. Watch our latest kindergarten video where three educators discuss all of this and more!

Early Learning Programs
The early childhood years from birth to the start of kindergarten are an important time of rapid growth. The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has a variety of helpful programs and services for children and their families that support children's learning and development for future success in school. Program pages can be accessed from the related links.

Find Local Program Information
Early Childhood Screening, Head Start, Early Childhood Family Education and School Readiness programs. Search online by county, school district or city to find early childhood programs.

Minnesota School Readiness Study

A large and growing body of research supports the critical relationship between early childhood experiences and successful life-long outcomes. The results of the Minnesota School Readiness Study inform school administrators and teachers, parents, early childhood educators, child care providers, policy makers and the public about how well prepared Minnesota students are to enter school and succeed.

Minnesota Parents Know
Extensive child development, learning and health information is available on the Minnesota Parents Know website. This website was designed just for parents and those that work with families to provide research-based, trusted parenting information starting at birth. The website features weekly podcasts, monthly webinars and videos on a wide variety of topics especially for parents of young children.