Research: Postsecondary Success

Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC): College and Career Readiness
EPIC is a nationally recognized leader in the area of College and Career Readiness. EPIC provides research and tools to empower states, districts, schools and teachers to prepare students for success beyond high school. EPIC conducts a range of policy-related research studies and develops practical tools and techniques that support a dramatic improvement in college and career readiness for students. Visit the Publications page of the EPIC website to view key findings

ACT and College Readiness
ACT is a nonprofit organization responsible for the ACT college admissions and placement test taken by more than 1.6 million high school graduates every year. In addition, ACT provides many other assessment, research, information and program management services for education and workforce development. View the Research and Policy Issues page of the ACT website to read reports on college and career readiness.

The College Board website also has information on preparing students for college. Visit the College Board website.

College and Career Readiness

Minnesota Department of Education Resources
MDE provides information on multiple pathways for students to access postsecondary training or college. Its resources for school counselors, students and parents are designed to help students explore opportunities and create an education plan that matches their interests, strengths and abilities.

The department’s Ready, Set, Go website provides valuable resources about college and career readiness and accelerated course options in Minnesota, including tools for students to be successful in high school and prepare them for their postsecondary experiences, information for families on how to access these opportunities, and an interactive curriculum resource area for educators to support these goals.

Ramp Up To Readiness
Ramp Up To Readiness is a 6-12 school-wide guidance program designed to increase the number and diversity of students who graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills and habits necessary for success in a high-quality college program. Specifically, these web-based resources strive to reach, by the end of high school, the goals of: Academic Readiness, Admissions Readiness, Career Readiness, Financial Readiness, and Personal and Social Readiness.

Its curriculum is available to schools, and helps students achieve readiness goals by engaging students in a flexible, dynamic curriculum that consists of 28 required lessons per year. Its Tools section includes a postsecondary planning tool, readiness rubrics for students to use in each grade from grades 6 through 12, personal readiness evaluation for postsecondary forms, and Naviance resources. Visit the Ramp Up To Readiness website.

College Board and CollegeEd
CollegeEd is the College Board’s free, standards-based college planning and career exploration program for grades 7 through 12. The College Board is the organization responsible for the SAT college admissions and placement test, as well as the Advanced Placement program. The CollegeEd program builds on the College Board’s research and experience in guiding students on the path to college. Visit the CollegeEd webpage

The CollegeEd program is available to all, for free, through its Big Future website. CollegeEd materials are provided as PDF files. They can be downloaded and used online or printed out for noncommercial and educational purposes.

Through a unique collaboration with Roadtrip Nation, CollegeEd gives students an opportunity to explore their aspirations and set long-term goals to get them on the path to higher education and a successful career. Its library includes video interviews featuring individuals who have achieved success in a broad range of fields. Roadtrip Nation is a resource for students (not teachers) in exploring their future possibilities. Visit the Roadtrip Nation website

The National Office for School Counselor Advocacy (NOSCA) has excellent publications with information on setting college going cultures at various school levels. Visit the NOSCA websiteView the NOSCA Resource Library to download college readiness guides for elementary and middle school students. 

ISEEK is Minnesota’s comprehensive career, education and job resource. ISEEK makes it easy for Minnesotans, whether students or adults, to research, organize and understand successful paths to careers, best education, and perfect jobs. Its site is organized into three sections: Explore Careers, Plan Your Education, and Find a Job. View the ISEEK website

Students (and parents) are able to assess their skills, set career goals and research careers. Additionally, they can explore their educational options, prepare for college, and learn how to pay for and apply to colleges. Finally, they can explore the job market, develop their resumes, and search for and apply for jobs.

The Vocational Information Center’s Career and College page provides links for students and guidance counselors, including resources for self-assessments, career planning, career development and college planning. This page has links to hundreds of articles, lessons, and resources related to college and career planning.

The Family Education Network’s website has excellent content related to preparing for college, for parents, teachers and students. The website is organized to help parents, teachers, and students of different ages to deepen their capacity in helping students prepare for success after graduation.
Education Planner is a career and college planning website.  It provides practical and easy to understand advice to help prepare students for the important decisions they will face in their future. Its site has resources, tools, and activities for students, parents, and school staff. Visit the Education Planner website.

My Child’s Future is a website designed for parents. It provides tips, checklists, activities and resources for parents in helping their children learn about career and educational planning choices and the positive roles parents can play in supporting their children. The tools found on the website are organized for elementary parents, middle school parents, and high school parents. Visit the My Child's Future website.

ACT and NWEA Correlation Study Slide Share: Measuring Growth towards College Readiness. This research shows the NWEA RIT scores needed at various grade levels to remain on track to be college-ready by correlating RIT scores with ACT scores.