Toolkit: Connections
Harvard Family Research Project Resources

Webinar: Building Strategic Partnerships to Foster Community Engagement in Education. Watch the webinar on YouTube OR watch the webinar via Adobe Connect. See the webinar archive on the National Parental Information and Resource Center website.

Other Community Engagement Resources and Tools

Case Study
: Building Mutually-Beneficial Relationships Between Schools and Communities. Read the article on the ABCD Institute website.

Goal ideas for Connecting School and Community

  • Know your community: individuals, associations, businesses, non-profits, higher education institutions, government agencies, its physical environment, the local economy, and stories; all are potential partners and assets. 
  • Assess the current level of engagement with your school and community.
  • Invite community stakeholders to be a part of your school team.
  • Create communication strategies to involve your community connectors in addressing school objectives.
  • Share community resources across district.
  • Encourage school liaisons to partner with local community agencies, non-profits, churches, councils, groups, and other committees that positively impact youth and families.
  • Coordinate community resources with non-profit organizations to state and local government organizations, faith communities, senior and veteran organizations.
  • Be purposeful in your strategies, using your SMART goals to direct and your school improvement plan (SIP) to guide.
  • Develop inter-district partnerships to help brainstorm innovative initiatives.
  • Look for grant opportunities within your community.