Career and Technical Program Administration

Carl D. Perkins is a federal grant that provides funds for approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. In Minnesota, funds are distributed on the basis of state-approved career and technical education programs and appropriate teacher licensure. Programs are administered under Minnesota Rules Chapter 3505 and the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act.

Funds are granted to districts and consortia of districts on a formula basis and can be used in CTE programs for professional development, to promote student attainment of academic and technical skills, upgrading of equipment, school- and work-based experiences, and career counseling and guidance.

Program descriptions for CTE program areas are available to the left under Program Approvals.The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has developed self-assessment tools and program approval processes to provide continuous improvement in CTE programs. MDE also collects annual program data to provide support to districts for program improvement and growth.