Complaint Decisions
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  • 14-031C  - 7/29/14
    The District failed to reduce the Student's assignments. The District violated 34 C.F.R. ยง 300.17(d) when it failed to provide Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in conformity with the IEP.
  • 14-008C  - 7/28/14
    Systemic complaint regarding occupational therapy services.
  • 14-025C  - 7/28/14
    The District was in violation when it failed to provide a procedural safeguards notice upon evaluation request.
  • 14-029C  - 7/28/14
    The District failed to: implement the Student's IEP as written; ensure parent participation in the Student's IEP Team meeting; and implement the Student's IEP related to progress reporting. The District timely conducted a re-evaluation.
  • 14-033C  - 7/28/14
    The District unilaterally changed Student's placement without an IEP meeting or parental participation in the decision. The special education classroom was essentially equivalent to regular education classrooms.
  • 14-037C  - 7/28/14
    The District is not in violation for failure to implement the modification at issue.
  • 14-039C  - 7/28/14
    The District was not in violation when the Student's schedule changed at the start of semester and the Student was enrolled in a new, regular education elective class.
  • 14-041C  - 7/28/14
    The District failed to provide FAPE to the Student who was open enrolled and whose parent informed the District of an intention to home school, when the District, as Student's resident district, did not provide comparable services and did not either adopt Student's existing IEP or develop a new IEP.
  • 14-042C  - 7/28/14
    The District failed to timely provide a visual schedule and did not provide therapy in conformity with Student's IEP.