Court Decisions
Recent Hearing decisions are posted here for one year, after which they will be archived under the Recent Special Education Court, Hearing and Complaint Decisions web page.
  • A08-1600 ISD 12 v. MDE - 2/16/12
    Federal regulations do not limit extracurricular and nonacademic activities in an IEP to only those activities required to educate the Student. The IEP team determines the extracurriculars appropriate for inclusion in the IEP and which supplementary aids and services are appropriate and necessary for the Student to have an equal opportunity to participate in the activities.
  • A09-1720 NH v. MDE - 2/16/12
    MDE's determination that the District used appropriate evaluation tools for developing both the Student's IEP and transition plan is supported by substantial evidence and is not arbitrary or capricious.
  • 09-3104 CB v. SSD 001 - 2/16/12
    A private placement need not satisfy a least restrictive environment requirement to be proper under IDEA.