Hearing Decisions

Recent Hearing decisions are posted here for six months. After this time, find them using the Complaints, Hearings, and Letters Search.
  • 14-007H  - 7/31/14
    The District is entitled to dismissal of the Parent's due process complaint because Parent failed to participate in the resolution session after the District had made reasonable attempts to allow parent do so.
  • 14-013H  - 7/31/14
    The District denied the Student a FAPE when it failed to provide special education services in conformity with the IEP.
  • 14-016H  - 7/31/14
    The District failed to identify the Student as a possible child with a disability. The District failed to ensure the initial evaluation of the Student was sufficiently comprehensive when it did not propose, conduct or otherwise obtain a medical assessment.
  • 14-019H  - 7/31/14
    The District did not demonstrate that maintaining the Student in the current educational placement was substantially likely to result in injury to the Student or others.