Athletics Data Reporting

Each school/school district shall submit to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) an elementary and secondary athletic program report containing information about both intramural and interscholastic athletics provided (Minnesota Rule 3535.3600).

This report is due to MDE annually, on or before October 15, and must be completed online.

Contact Pamela Hinze with questions -; 651-582-8518.

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Cooperative Activities
If you are sending students to another district (cooperative) to participate in sports, report the information as it pertains only to the students you are sending. For example, if you are sending 3 females to participate in a hockey cooperative which has a total of 21 students, you will report 3. Report only expenditures your school is making on these three students. If your school is not providing any coaches, report O coaches.

If you are hosting a cooperative activity, report the information as it pertains to the students within your school that are participating in the cooperative. For example, if the cooperative has a total of 17 males but your school has 6 males participating, the number of participants that you report is 6. Report only expenditures your school is making on these six students. And, if you are providing the coaches, then report the number of coaches you are providing.

Activity Types

Intramural Activity: All noninterscholastic athletic activities offered within a school, which are not a part of the regular physical education curriculum, designed to provide students athletic opportunities, experiences, and the development of competencies in a variety of sports.

Interscholastic Activity: All athletic activities offered within a school, the purpose of which is to provide opportunities for students to compete with other students on like teams in other schools within an organized conference under the auspices of the Minnesota State High School League or with other like teams in other schools operating under separate jurisdictions.

Co-ed Activity: A team that is open to both sexes. Co-ed activities are generally limited to adapted interscholastic athletic programs or intramural athletic programs. Simply because a female may try out for and/or make a male team does not make the activity co-ed.

Record the total expenditures associated with the activity for that school year. Expenditures include costs for equipment, transportation, mileage for scouting, supplies, insurance, custodians, utilities, referees, tournament entry fees, awards, uniforms, facility rental (ice, pool, etc.) and lodging. Any school funds expended are to be included in this figure, including booster funds. Expenditures do not include coaches’ salaries.

Total Unduplicated Student Counts
Students who have participated in one or more athletic activities (throughout all four seasons) are to be counted only once.

Dance Team Information