Career and Technical Education Levy Recalculation Web-Based Reporting System

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Levy is a permissive levy for school districts to give extra support based, in part, on the district’s CTE expenditures. Districts submit anticipated CTE expenditures each year in the spring for the coming school year, and detailed information about actual CTE expenditures each fall for the previous school year. (The dual reporting is required due to the legislative timing of the levy.)

Estimated CTE expenditures for the coming school year must be submitted by May 15 and actual expenditures are due by October 15 each year.

> Enter the online Career and Technical Education (CTE) Levy Reporting System
Each district may designate one individual as District User and one individual (generally the superintendent) as District Administrator to access the CTE Levy System. The superintendent should access the CTE Levy Authorization and follow the instructions to submit user and administrators names to the Department.

Access the CTE Levy Authorization form.

Transition Disabled Aid.  Aid is available to districts for students who are part of a transition disabled program. These students must meet the state definition of child with a disability (Minn. Stat. § 125A.02). Districts report required transition-disabled student data to MDE using our electronic data reporting system.

Open the ADM/LEP (EDRS) data submission page. 

The Secondary Vocational and Transition-Disabled Reporting Manual and related forms are available once you log into the EDRS system to help districts meet data reporting requirements for career and technical education levy revenue and transition-disabled aid.