Disciplinary Incident Reporting System

The Disciplinary Incident Reporting System (DIRS) reporting system enables both the department and school districts to comply with state and federal reporting requirements for suspensions, expulsions, special education and dangerous weapons. DIRS is a web-based, password protected system through which all public school districts must report disciplinary incidents that result in either suspension or expulsion. This page contains important information about DIRS including deadlines and announcements. 

Minnesota Statutes, section 121A.06, Subdivision 3, requires the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) to annually report on disciplinary incidents, and incidents involving dangerous weapons, that occur in Minnesota public schools. Data for this report is obtained from MDE’s Disciplinary Incident Report System (DIRS). Copies of these reports are available below.

DIRS is open for disciplinary incident submissions for the 2014-15 school year. 
DIRS reports are due on July 31, 2015.  If you have already started entering your DIRS data, your data is safe.

> Enter the Disciplinary Incident Reporting System (DIRS)

Technical Support Contacts

  • Disciplinary Incident Reporting System (DIRS) Updates - 3/4/13
    Changes affecting data submission fields for the Disciplinary Incident Reporting System
  • Disciplinary Incident Reporting System (DIRS) Guide - 2/4/13
    Helpful information to complete required incident reporting
  • Disciplinary Incident Reporting System (DIRS) FAQ - 11/19/12
    7/1/15 Update: Disciplinary Actions cannot be reported at a school for which the student is not enrolled at the time of the incident. If the student is enrolled at the school at the time of the incident but the MARSS data does not reflect this, the MARSS data should be updated and re-submitted to MDE. Contact your MARSS Coordinator to review the student’s enrollment record that was last submitted through MARSS WES. Verify that the student was enrolled and reported for the incident date. If the student has a local error, the error will need to be corrected and a new MARSS file submitted.
  • Fields and Values - 11/19/12
    DIRS fields, values, and requirements. Reference for both manual and/or batch submitters. Right column on second tab identifies last update date for row/field. Third tab outlines field removals.

Batch Submissions

  • Batch XML Schema  - 11/16/12
    XML schema requirements for DIRS batch uploads
  • Batch XML Example  - 12/19/11
    XML schema example file for DIRS batch upload containing multiple incident scenarios.
  • Batch Upload Disclaimers  - 12/19/11
    Outline of DIRS batch related documents, disclaimers, and various upload scenarios and outcomes
  • How to Use Batch Upload  - 11/18/11
    DIRS batch upload procedures guide