Menus and Crediting
The information below pertains to menus and crediting. Resources include help to determine creditable foods and plan menus. A description of meal service styles in CACFP is also provided.
  • Alternate Protein Products - 5/4/12
    Standards for using alternate protein products, such as soy flours, to meet the meat/meat alternate requirement for meals served in Child Nutrition Programs - memo.
  • Child Nutrition (CN) Labels and Product Formulation Statements - 1/9/14
    This document highlights the difference between CN Labels and Product Formulation Statements which verify crediting of commercially prepared food products to Child Nutrition meal patterns.
  • Creditable and Noncreditable Foods for Child Nutrition Programs - 1/3/14
    Quick reference of creditable and noncreditable foods in United States Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Programs.
  • Crediting - Breakfast Cereals - 8/1/12
    “Determining Creditability of Breakfast Cereals for Child Nutrition Programs” – November 2006 USDA Technical Assistance Memo.
  • Crediting - Cheese Products Are Not Creditable - 5/3/12
    Cheese products (as opposed to cheese spreads and cheese foods) do not contribute to meal pattern requirements - October 2006 memo.
  • Crediting of Corn Meal (Cornmeal) and Corn Flour for Grains/Breads Component - 8/1/12
    Memo on the "Crediting of Corn Meal (Cornmeal) and Corn Flour for Grains/Breads Component" of the food based meal pattern for Child Nutrition Programs – December 2007 USDA Technical Assistance Memo.
  • Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Serving Guide - 7/11/14  pdf iconPDF 
    List of the quantity needed to serve for one-half cup of common fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Grain/Bread Crediting Chart - 4/30/12
    Chart to help menu planners determine the required serving sizes of most grains and breads.
  • Grains/Breads Component: Crediting Recipes - 11/28/11
    Instructions on how to credit recipes towards the grains/breads component based upon the amount of flour, cereal grains or ready to eat cereals used in the recipe for Child Nutrition Programs.
  • Meal Service Styles - 9/3/14  pdf iconPDF 
    This document describes the different ways that meals can be served to CACFP participants. It includes descriptions of pre-plated, family style, combination and cafeteria style types of meal service.
  • Processed Meats: Some Things to Know - 9/3/14  pdf iconPDF 
    A quick reference for crediting of processed meats.
  • Snack Menu - 4/16/14  pdf iconPDF 
    Sample snack menu for sites participating in the Child Nutrition Programs.
  • Snack Menu Ideas - 5/3/12
    Sample snack menu ideas for sites participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).
  • Substitution of School Lunches for CACFP Meals - 11/2/11
    Option for National School Lunch Program (NSLP) menu planning approaches to be used at Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sites that obtain meals from schools participating in NSLP - September 2006 memo.
  • Whole Grain Resource - 12/18/13  pdf iconPDF 
    This document defines whole grains and provides information on purchasing, storing and identifying whole grain products.