Regular USDA Foods

U.S. Department of Agriculture Foods Complaint Form

This form will be used when a sponsor determines they have received U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods that are not fit for consumption because of condition or quality issues.

USDA Foods deliveries that have visible condition issues such as dented cans, torn bags, crushed boxes should be rejected at delivery. Sponsors should coordinate with their distributor to replace the damaged food. Sponsors will complete this form if the food was not replaced by the distributor or damage was discovered after delivery.

Complaints pertaining to the quality of the product such as mold, foul odor, foreign objects, sponsors must contact the vendor/manufacturer before completing this form.

The USDA Foods Complaint Form must be completed no later than June 15 within each school year to be eligible for entitlement reimbursement. Eligible reimbursed entitlement can be viewed in the credits and deductions section of the profile screen on the Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System 1 (CLiCS 1). Completed forms will also be used to track USDA Foods complaints.

1. Sponsor ID Number: The ten digit identification number assigned to the sponsor in CLiCS. This can be found in the upper-right hand corner after logging into CLiCS 1.

2. Sponsor Name: The name of the school district associated with the Sponsor ID. This can be found under the Sponsor ID in the upper-right hand corner after logging into CLiCS 1.

3. USDA Foods ID: The six digit number of the food received. This may also be referred to as a Commodity ID. Example: 100208.

4. USDA Foods name/description: The name of the food received. Example: Applesauce Can-6/No10.

5. Case quantity affected by the issue (only report full case quantities): The total number of full cases that could not be utilized.

6. Can and case codes:

7. Date when affected cases arrived at the school: The date that the food was delivered to the school.

8. USDA Foods distributor that delivered the cases: The distributor that delivered the affected food.

9. Are pictures of the USDA Food attached to this email? Take pictures of affected portion of the product and send them with the complaint.

10. Brand name of the USDA Food: The brand name of the food. Example: SnoKist.

11. Supplier name listed on the label (if any): The name of the supplier/producer of the food. Example: Pacific Coast Producers.

12. If a supplier was listed, did the sponsor directly contact them? Sponsors must contact the supplier if the issue pertains to the quality of the food; mold, foul odor, foreign objects, etc.

13. If yes, include date contacted and describe the outcome of the conversation: Was the issue resolved, is the vendor replacing the product.

14. Describe the complaint in detail and include reports of injuries or feeling sick from consumption: A detailed description of the issue with the food received. Examples: three cans of applesauce were dented upon delivery, twenty pounds of hamburger was discarded due to a rancid smell.

15. Any other information not listed: Include any other information not covered in previous questions.

Access the USDA Foods Complaint Form.