Food and Nutrition Publications

The Safety, Health and Nutrition Division publishes three newsletters to provide helpful information and tools to food and nutrition program professionals in Minnesota.

The Summer Meals Newsletter includes information and tools developed by USDA for Summer Food Service Program sponsors. It also highlights what's happening in Minnesota including training workshop schedules and registrations, policy announcements, information about featured programs and events as well as guidance on how to start, administer and successfully operate a summer meals program. The Summer Meals Newsletter will be published on an as-needed basis.

The Lunch Line is a monthly newsletter that focuses solely on the School Nutrition Program (SNP) and is written by SNP staff. The Lunch Line will also be available on the SNP program page.

What's the Dish? includes information related to several food and nutrition program areas, including At-Risk Afterschool Meals, Child and Adult Care Food Program for Centers and Family Day Care Homes. What's the Dish? is published quarterly.

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Summer Meals Newsletter

  • Summer Meals Newsletter 2015 Volume 1 Issue 1  - 5/8/15
    Topics: Upcoming USDA webinars, USDA toolkit, handbooks and reimbursement rates, First Book free book opportunity, list of program policy memos, date of National Summer Meals Kickoff Week and Time to Connect with Local Schools.

The Lunch Line

  • The Lunch Line - April 2015  - 4/21/15
    Topics: ACT Testing reminder; Best Practices and Highlights-Little Falls ISD, Westview Elementary and West St. Paul ISD; Grant Opportunity-Farm to School; Hot Topics-Marketing Tips and Reducing Waste; Training-Scramble, Smarter Lunchrooms Part 2, Team Up for School Nutrition Success and Tuesdays @ 2; USDA memos-CN Labels, OMB Super-Circular, Prohibition of Separation by Gender, Special Diet Medical Professionals and Updates to Smart Snacks
  • The Lunch Line - March 2015  - 3/5/15
    Topics: ACT Testing Notice, Whole Grain-Rich Requirement Exemption, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, Paid Lunch Equity, Professional Standards Guidelines, School Lunch Scramble training, School Breakfast Grants opportunity, “Team Up for School Nutrition Success” training, Smarter Lunchroom photo.
  • The Lunch Line - January-February 2015  - 2/4/15
    Topics: Breakfast in the Classroom video, Community Eligibility Provision updated FAQs, Farm to School Census, Food Safety-HACCP requirements, Sacred Heart Elementary Top Notch Ideas, Smarter Lunchrooms video, Smart Snacks Tip Sheets, Smoothie Crediting, Unpaid Meal Charges Survey Results, USDA Equipment Grant Application, USDA Mixing Bowl Tool, Wellness Policy Template, Whole Grain Rich updated Q&As
  • The Lunch Line - December 2014  - 12/22/14
    Topics: Administration of contracts, CEP and E-rate, CN labels, Excelsior Elementary School Lunches Top Notch Ideas, farm to school/school garden/nutrition education allowable expenses, how to claim kindergarten breakfast meals, Minnesota food charter, processed product documentation, several summer meal programs memos and unpaid student meal charges request for information.
  • The Lunch Line - October-November 2014  - 11/21/14
    Topics: Menu Certification Update, MyPlate Training Materials for Kindergarten Teachers, Ohio Cycle Menus, Online Fees, Paid Lunch Equity SY 2015-2016, Smarter Lunchrooms Success Stories, Summer Food Service Program Webinar Series, USDA Farm to School Toolkit, Unpaid Meal Charges Request for Information and Whole Grain-Rich Q&A
  • The Lunch Line - September 2014  - 9/29/14
    Topics: Domestic Beef Shortages, Financial Management for Directors, Smart Snacks Paired Exemptions, Smart Snacks Q&A and USDA Performance Award
  • The Lunch Line - July-August 2014  - 8/25/14
    Topics: Afterschool Snack Program, Attendance Factor, Claiming Kindergarten Breakfast and Reduced-Price Lunches, Community Eligibility Provision, Eligibility Manual, Federal Reimbursement Rates, Fundraiser Toolkit, Healthier US School Challenge, Milk and Bread Bids, Minimum Charge for Adult Meals, Offer versus Serve Manual, Q&A on Nutrition Standards, Q&A for Smart Snacks, Regulation Roundup for 2014-2015, USDA Foods and Wellness Policy Resource
  • The Lunch Line - June 6, 2014  - 6/5/14
    Topics: Flexibility on Whole Grain-Rich Requirement, Fundraisers and Smart Snacks, Increasing Access to Drinking Water, Nutrition Requirements for Breakfast, Option to Approve Application for Educational Benefits Back to Receipt Date and State Legislation-Reduced-Price Lunches at No Charge and Free Breakfast for Kindergarten Students
  • The Lunch Line - May 2014  - 5/8/14
    Topics: Additional Two Cents, Breakfast Grain Entrees, Clarification of Whole Grain-Rich, Equipment Grants, Equipment Purchases, Exempted Fundraisers, Find Your Food Safety Inspector, Food Items Saved for Later, Smart Snacks and Culinary Education Programs, Sharing Aggregate Data and Summer Food Service Program Memos
  • The Lunch Line - April 1, 2014  - 4/3/14
    Topics: 2014 Edition of Program Regulations, Concession Stand Makeovers, Federal Food Programs Symposium, Field Trip Meals, Managing Food Allergies, Paid Lunch Equity Guidance 2014-2015, Smarts Snacks, Waivers for School Breakfast and Smart Snack Requirements and Whole Grain Handbook
  • The Lunch Line - March 2014  - 3/14/14
    Topics: Smart Snacks Standards, Community Eligibility Provision, Local Wellness Policy Proposed Rule and Salad Bars Q&A
  • The Lunch Line - February 2014  - 2/24/14
    Topics: Discretionary Elimination of Reduced-Price Meals, Independent Review of Free and Reduced-Price Applications, Meal Policy Guidance, Professional Standards Proposed Rule and Renewing Food Service Management Contracts
  • The Lunch Line - January 2014  - 2/20/14
    Topics: Certification of Compliance of Meal Regulations, Community Eligibility Provision, New Food Service Management Contracts, Non-Program Foods and Purchasing Local Foods

What's the Dish?

  • What's the Dish? Newsletter March - May 2015  - 5/18/15
    Topics: Extended Deadline for Proposed Meal Pattern, Team Nutrition Resources, Serious Deficiency Handbook, Research on CACFP and Nutrition, Physical Activity and Electronic Media Use, Menus and Recipes, Core Nutrition Messages for Moms, Recent USDA Memos.
  • What's the Dish? Newsletter January - February 2015  - 2/10/15
    Topics: USDA Proposes New CACFP Meal Pattern Changes, Menus That Encourage Healthful Eating, Minnesota Farm to Child Care, USDA Memos, SFSP Trainings, Revisions to Nondiscrimination Statement
  • What's the Dish? Newsletter October - December 2014  - 11/24/14
    Topics: Building Healthy Eating Patterns, CACFP Centers Administrative Review List, Team Nutrition Smarter Mealtimes Trainings, Family Day Care Homes Observations, Meal Service Training Videos, Expansion of Summer Foods, Sesame Street Fun and Standardized Recipes.
  • What's the Dish? Newsletter July - September 2014  - 9/11/14
    Topics: Vegetarian Diets, Updated Eligibility Manual, CACFP Centers and Farm to Child Care Trainings, Team Nutrition Update, Online Training Webinars, CACFP Application Renewal Instructions, Options For Dating Household Income Statements, Feeding Infants, FDCH Update, SFSP Key Dates and Foods and Nutrients to Decrease.
  • What's the Dish? Newsletter January - March 2014  - 9/8/14
    Topics: 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Infant Menu Records, USDA Listserv Reminders, Program Updates, Reporting A, B, and C’s, Smoothie Quiz, Upcoming Training, Handy Tools and Materials and Special Diet Information.
  • What's the Dish? Newsletter April - June 2014  - 9/8/14
    Topics: Safety, Health and Nutrition has a New Director, Foods and Nutrients to Increase, Gardening Guide, Allergies to Milk and Soy-Implications for Practice, Afterschool Meals, Program Updates, Audit Reminder to FDCH Sponsors, Attendance Record Requirements, Fluid Milk Substitutes, and Farm to Child Care.