Applications-Student Meals

School Nutrition Programs

Checklist for Online Application Systems

1. Requirements applicable to applications from all households:

• Names of children, date of birth, grade and school.

• Check-off boxes for sharing data with Minnesota health insurance programs

(“negative” check-off – checking the box means do not share data).

• Collection of data on race and ethnicity (may be eliminated if school has already documented race/ethnicity of students).

• U.S. Department of Agriculture nondiscrimination statement and procedure for filing a complaint.

• Federal and state privacy statements – see back of Application for Educational Benefits. Certification statement.

• Electronic signature.

2. Additional requirements specific to applications based on household income:

• Names of adult household members.

• Incomes for each adult household member by type and frequency

(recommended – a check box to indicate if an individual has “no income”).

• Regular incomes to children by frequency.

• Social Security number of signer; check box to indicate that signer has no Social Security number.

3. Additional requirements specific to applications based on categorical eligibility:

• Case number (for any member of household).

• Use Minnesota-specific terminology – Food Assistance and Minnesota Family

Investment Program (MFIP).

4. Additional requirements specific to application for a foster child:

• Identification of the foster child.

• Indication of amount of “personal use” income to the foster child

(recommended – a check box for “none” if foster child has no personal use income).