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Memorandums on Data Privacy and Limited Disclosure of Eligibility Information

This page links to the following Food and Nutrition Service memorandums on statutory and regulatory requirements for disclosure of information concerning children who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals, including disclosure for No Child Left Behind, National Assessment of Educational Progress and E-Rate programs.

View August 2010 memo on Disclosure Requirements for the Child Nutrition (CN) Programs: List of citations for disclosure requirements for each CN program; programs authorized to receive eligibility status without parental consent; disclosure to health insurance programs; “need to know;” interagency agreements; parental consent to disclose to other types of programs; general expectations.

View September 2008 memo on Reaffirmation of Policy on Limited Disclosure of Children’s Eligibility Information to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP): Disclosure of students’ eligibility status to NAEP; persons “directly connected;” recommended agreement for disclosure.

View July 2008 memo on Cooperation with FCC E-Rate Audits: Providing sample of meal applications to E-Rate auditor; removal of identifying information from applications; other limitations.

View February 2004 memo on Use of Individual School Meal Eligibility Data for Title I (NCLB) Purposes: Limited release of students’ eligibility status for NCLB purposes; three purposes authorized by NCLB.

View September 2003 memo on Use of Individuals’ Meal Eligibility Status for Other Programs or Benefits: General requirements for using meal eligibility status for any other programs or benefits; requirements for household consent statements; alternatives to disclosure, such as the food service sending information directly to households about other programs or benefits of interest.

View December 2002 Joint Letter from U.S. Departments of Education and Agriculture: Allowable use of aggregate and individual eligibility for free and reduced-price meals to identify economically disadvantaged students for Title I (No Child Left Behind); limitation of disclosure to those who “need to know”; recommended agreement for data disclosure; identification of economically disadvantaged students at Provision 2 and 3 schools.