Monitoring-State Agency and Sponsor

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) to monitor school food authorities/sponsors and requires these sponsors to conduct their own on-site reviews.

State Agency Monitoring
MDE is required to conduct an administrative review of all school food authorities at least once during a three-year review cycle period. The scope of the review focuses on these critical areas: the certification and benefit issuance process; the accuracy of meal counting and claiming; and ensuring meals claimed for reimbursement meet meal pattern and nutritional quality requirements. General areas of review include resource management and other general compliance topics. See the review list below.

Sponsor Monitoring
School food authorities with more than one site must complete an annual on-site review of all sites. The purpose of the review is to assist sponsors in assessing the meal counting and claiming system at each site. The review must be completed during a meal service and prior to February 1 of each school year. A follow-up review must be completed within 45 days if the need for corrective action is found in the initial review.

After-School Snack Program
School food authorities in the after-school snack program must complete an on-site review for all sites twice during the school year to assess compliance with program requirements. The review must be completed during a snack service time. The first review must be completed during the initial four weeks of operation; the second is determined by the sponsor.
U.S. Department of Agriculture Memos
Links to key USDA memos on Monitoring are provided below.