Regional Centers of Excellence

Regional Centers of Excellence (Centers)

The purpose for this collection of documents is to provide guidance on the current and future work of the Centers. It contains information on the topics and questions listed below.

Vision and Goals

What is the vision and goals for the Centers?

Venn Diagram

What is the relationship between the districts and schools, the fiscal agent grantees, and the Department in the Centers?

Theory of Action and Logic Model

Why do the Centers exist and how will their success be measured?

Organizational Network

How are the Centers organized, and how are the various stakeholders, the current Centers: SSOS and the new Centers related?

Regulation and Guidance

What is the authority behind the Centers; how are they grounded?

Groups’ Purposes and Outcomes

Who is associated with the operation of the Centers, and what are the purposes (roles) and outcomes (responsibilities) of the groups?

Criteria and Design

What are the conditions, structures, and components that are necessary services and support offered in the Centers?

Communication Protocol and Action Planning

How do the Centers ensure effective communication loops within and between groups?

Process for RCE Services and Support

How do MDE services and support become a part of what is offered in the RCEs?