Regional Centers of Excellence

Regional Centers of Excellence: Process for Submitting Proposal

The purpose for this document is to detail the process for identifying and submitting a proposal for services and support for the Centers.

1. Discuss the potential service or support with the Division Director overseeing the work. Consider the following two questions when doing so:
· Is the State Department of Education obligated in statute or regulation to provide the service or support being proposed?
· If so, would the service or support be provided more efficiently, effectively and equitably through a regional delivery system?

2. If the response to the two questions above is yes, create a brief summary statement of the type of support being proposed for use by the Division Director when presenting the idea to the Division Directors’ meeting group.

3. As part of the presentation, the Division Director should determine the potential impact of the proposed service or support on other divisions and initiatives by asking the following two questions:

· What are the implications of this proposed effort on my team(s) and our stakeholders?
· How can the partnership between the two be strengthened?

4. As a group and by consensus the Division Directors will determine if the proposed service or support should be developed into a proposal for review by the Centers Oversight Group (COG), led by Jessie Montano. If the response is affirmative, the MDE staff member with responsibility for the service or support will contact RCE coordinator for assistance in developing a proposal for the COG.

5. The RCE coordinator will assist with the development of a proposal, including the completion of the documents articulated by the Phase II Design Team, and as appropriate in collaboration with the Center Director and/or Partnership Network Member.

6. When the proposal is complete, it is presented to the COG for approval; if approved, the RCE coordinator moves forward with the implementation of the service or support in collaboration with the MDE staff member responsible for the initiative.