Tuition Appeals

January 28, 2014

Ms. Ann Bettenburg, Director of Special Education

Mounds View School District (0621-01)

350 Highway 96 West

Shoreview, MN 55126

Dear Ms. Bettenburg:

The Division of School Finance has received your request of July 31, 2013 to have the tuition billing system include the transition disabled costs in the tuition billing system for FY 2013. Your district has several transition programs that are operated for students who attend from other districts as well as the Mounds View School District. The transition disabled costs and revenues are not a part of the tuition billing system. Your request is approved.

Attached are the final data that were used to calculate the costs, state special education aids and the rates per membership hour for each of the five sites. The rates are:

061 – Career and Life Transition $1.82

064 – Mounds View High School $ .78

065 – Irondale High School $ .60

063 – Oak Grove High School $ .67

068 – Oak Grove Transition $ .35

If you should have any questions, please direct them to Michelle Jones at 651-582-8577 or email to .


Original signed January 28, 2014

Dr. Brenda Cassellius, Ed.D.


CC: Carol Hokenson, Manager/Assistant Director, Division of School Finance

George Holt, Supervisor, Division of School Finance

Michelle Jones, Division of School Finance