Student Maltreatment
The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) is designated as the agency responsible for investigating reports of alleged abuse, neglect or sexual abuse of children that occurs in Minnesota public schools by school employees. State law requires that a person who knows or has reason to believe a child is being neglected or physically or sexually abused, or has been physically or sexually abused within the past three years, must file a report within 24 hours.

Trained maltreatment investigators within the agency's Compliance and Assistance Division review each report and determine whether maltreatment occurred and who is responsible for the determined maltreatment.

School professionals must report suspected student maltreatment that occurs in public schools, to the Minnesota Department of Education and if a violation of criminal statute is alleged, they must also report to local law enforcement. Alleged maltreatment that occurs in family, family childcare and foster care settings or in juvenile correctional facilities should be reported to county social services. School districts are prohibited from retaliating against an employee who reports maltreatment. People who make reports cannot be punished by demotion, suspension, or change in assignment. The identity of reporters must be protected and civil and criminal immunity is afforded for good faith reports.
  • Confidential Maltreatment Reporting Form - 5/29/13
    Confidential reporting form to be completed and forwarded to the Student Maltreatment Program of the Minnesota Department of Education for review of alleged maltreatment of a minor in a public school facility by school personnel. Please submit this form either as an email attachment to or by Fax to 651-797-1601.
  • Student Maltreatment Information Sheet - 5/29/13
    This information sheet provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding student maltreatment, reporting requirements, and MDE's investigative process.

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