Three-Year Review Process
New! Three-Year Review Process for Approved Online Learning Providers
Department approved online learning providers are able to offer students an alternative to traditional public schools.  Currently there are 30 approved online learning programs in Minnesota and enrollments are increasing as students and their parents seek the flexibility of online learning.   Department approved programs served 13,826 students in 2012. The inventory of approved online programs in our state provides students with opportunities to enroll in comprehensive or supplemental programs starting in Kindergarten all the way through the 12th grade.
Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.095: Online Learning Option Act (Subdivision 7) charges the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) with oversight and implementation of a rigorous standards-based process for initial approval as well as ongoing approval of each public online learning provider.
The MDE will provide guidance on this process for all of its approved online learning providers as they develop and complete the required program self-study every third year. Through a rigorous application process, annual reporting, and the addition of the three year review requirement, quality education based on results and special needs services to students is validated.
Additional information on this process can be learned through the resource documents developed to support the new requirement directed by 2012 changes in statute language. Approved Online Learning Providers may access these resources below, as a guide through the self-study process.
Call for Reviewers:  The MDE Center for Postsecondary Success is seeking qualified volunteer reviewers to assist its quality focused review process of new applicants and the new three year review process for 2013-2014.  Download the Request for Volunteers information flyer to learn about the call and get details on how to submit an interest form.