Career Pathways and Technical Education Task Force

Defining “Career and College Ready”

Recommendation No. 1: Minnesota should define “Career and College Readiness.” The Task Force recommends the following working definition.

“Career (Workforce) and College Readiness” means that a high school graduate has the knowledge, skills and competencies to successfully embark on a career-track for an employment position and can successfully pursue any post-secondary education opportunity, whether it be a degree, a diploma or a certificate, including the ability to successfully complete credit-bearing coursework at a two-year and four-year college or

From the 2008 P-20 Report “THE ROAD MAP TO College and Career Readiness for Minnesota Students”

Defining Readiness

1. Adopt the following broad definition of college and career readiness as proposed by Achieve, routinely reinforcing the belief that the same level of readiness is needed for students wishing to pursue virtually any postsecondary education opportunity (degree, diploma, and certificate programs offered by two-year and four-year colleges and universities):

Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness includes the knowledge and skills that high school graduates need in order to do credit bearing coursework at a [two-or four-year] college or university and/or to embark successfully on a career-track employment position (that pays a living wage, provides benefits, and offers clear pathways for advancement through further education and training).