Meeting Minutes

Governor’s Interagency Coordinating Council

January 3, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Present: Judy Swett, Tim Finn, Karen Adamson, Karon Joyer, Roxanne Botz, Nancy Jost, Maya Nishikawa, Joy Birr, Barb Dalbec, Jessica Mattson, Cathy Nelson-Messer, Lisa Backer (alternate for Karen Cadigan), Andrea Bejarano-Robinson, Mary Ann Marchel (via phone), Michelle Willert

Unable to Attend: Sen. Terri Bonoff, Sen. Ted Daley, Rep. Susan Allen, Genie Potosky, Rep. Carol McFarlane, Dr. James Moore, Karen Cadigan

Staff: Kara Hall Tempel, Michelle Dockter, Kelly Monson, Carol Maliszewski

Welcome and Goals for the Meeting

Judy Swett called the meeting to order at 8:45 a.m. and established a quorum. Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC) members introduced themselves.

Karen Adamson moved to approve the agenda. The motion was seconded by Maya Nishikawa. Motion carried.

Nancy Jost moved to approve the minutes of the October meeting of the ICC. Andrea Robinson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Public Comment Period

Region 7W Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC) – They have redone their evaluation plan. Discussed plans for a website and their work with mental health service providers.

Region 7E – Erin Dorhmann updated the ICC on their work with mental health service providers.

Region 10 – Provided updates on their communication plan, accountability and their plan for next year. They would like to have Kelly Monson out to attend a future IEIC meeting.

Old Business

IEIC Report

New revised recommendations from the previous ICC are included in the final IEIC Evaluation report. Discussed recommendations included within report.

What are we going to do with these recommendations? Is there a timeline? (Karon Joyer)

Communication is still an issue. IEICs need to get accustomed to new change.

Judy: Consensus is that IEICs should continue to move forward within the existing structure given how new it still is. Things are changing and more support is available from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) that will assist them in their work as they move forward.

Barb: Use the data that will be coming out with the data from the Special Education Administration Units (SEAUs) and the annual report to continue to evaluate the IEIC structure. A suggestion was made to form a work group that will look at data (this will be added to the April ICC meeting agenda. Lisa Backer will participate on this workgroup).

Karon: suggested the ICC go through each response for MDE to indicate what is being done or can be done in the future regarding those recommendations.

Each recommendation needs a response in a timely manner. MDE has responded to the changes that have already been made.

MDE will develop recruitment materials for IEIC members. Discussed other public awareness and child find efforts being done by IEICs. Barb Dalbec suggested using Pictograms. Discussed the use of the Learn the Signs Act Early (LTSAE) materials and how delegates are supposed to be used in the child find efforts. Members asked how to access the materials. Each IEIC had a delegate at the LTSAE summit in November 2012.

ICC should discuss IEIC statute at the next IEIC meeting to look at the positions that are hard to fill. ICC members should be connecting with the IEICs.

Discussion of accessibility issues and MDE’s inability to post PowerPoints and other documents that cannot be made accessible.

Action: Kara will create a side by side table of the ICC recommendations from the IEIC evaluation report and the actions taken to date.

Operating Procedures Task Force Update:

Lisa Backer presented a draft of ICC operating procedures that include updated federal rule citations. ICC members gave input regarding compensation, participation in meetings, participation in sanctioned work groups or subcommittees, who can serve on work groups and who can serve as committee chairs, job descriptions for ICC members and how to get information out to people regarding ICC membership.

A discussion was held regarding the ICC’s role in supporting the IEICs. The IEICs are also having the same question regarding the ICCs. Some members have responsibility to report to other constituents (e.g., Special Education Directors), revise section on non-ICC member comments during the ICC meetings.

A suggestion was made to add a section regarding participation, preparation for meetings, reimbursements requests, representing constituent groups as appropriate, attending meetings, a call to consider serving on committees/work groups, and adding statute numbers within the sections for reference.

Communications Committee Updates:

Communications committee met in early December to discuss the role of this committee. The communications committee should work with Kelly around Public Awareness/child find related to who should communicate with constituents and how.

Barb Dalbec asked if ICC members are “doers” or if the role of the ICC is to make recommendations to MDE and the IEICs. Need to make sure that the ICC does not overlap roles with MDE and the IEICs.

Action: Kelly Monson will follow up on the extent to which IEICs are connecting with their ICC representatives.

Action: Agenda for July retreat – ICC members should read IEIC work plans to prepare for discussion at July meeting/retreat.

Action: Kara will create a side by side table addressing the recommendations included in the evaluation report and will include it within the January ICC minutes.

State Performance Plan (SPP)/Annual Performance Report (APR)

Lisa Backer reviewed some information regarding this year’s SPP/APR. ICC members broke up into three groups and made recommendations for moving forward. Three main areas of focus included:

1. Part C Family Outcomes

2. Part B Child Outcomes

3. Part C Child Outcomes

Action: Lisa Backer will review and consider recommendations

New Business

MDE Updates

Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2013 Part C Application (July 1 2013-June 30, 2014):

Kara updated the committee on the status of the current year Part C application and the status of the FFY 2013 application. Kara is working closely with the state contact at the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) to ensure we submit an approvable application. The application is due in the middle of April. MDE’s target is to get it publicized and available for public comment on or around February 1, 2013.

Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge Grant (RTT):

MDE is writing an APR specific to RTT activities. It was asked if the Part C APR report could be shared with the Early Learning Council (ELC) as well as with Governor Dayton. Karen Adamson made a motion that upon completion of the Part C APR that it is shared in writing along with a presentation to the ELC. Motion seconded and carried.

Early Learning Council (ELC):

There is now a Birth to Three subcommittee. Lisa Backer shared that there are some states that have merged their ICC and ELC. Judy Swett said she has heard this is working well. A suggestion was made to have a presentation at a future ELC meeting on the APR report and what the ICC’s role is. Karen Cadigan is the only ICC member currently on the ELC.

Parent Aware:

Lisa Backer participates in the twice monthly meetings now. The RTT application states that Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) would be included in the Parent Aware activities.

Minnesota State Interagency Committee (MnSIC):

Michelle Willert will continue to participate and represent the ICC. MnSIC activities will continue.

Prenatal - three Group:

Minnesota was awarded a Prenatal to three technical assistance grant. The award is for technical assistance to help move forward with the statewide Prenatal to three framework; this is not a funding grant.

ICC Member Updates:

Cathy Nelson-Messer – through Head Start, a report was published on outcomes in MN, adding family outcomes. There is a concern about funding since this is pushed off for 2 months.

Nancy tried to recruit a member from White Earth reservation.

The Minnesota Initiative Funds (MIFs) had a meeting. On December 12, 2012 there was a Parent Aware scholarship/rural issues meeting.

Judy – real concerns from families whose ECSE programs are in community centers and not in school buildings and concerns about security. The concerns stem from the Connecticut tragedy. Lisa Backer said families should bring these concerns to school board/superintendents. There is not a law on this so PACER cannot advocate on this issue.

There was a discussion regarding holding the ICC meeting in Greater Minnesota, maybe in July. We will discuss this again in April.

Nancy Jost moved to consider holding the July meeting offsite.

Andrea R. seconded the motion.

MDH Updates

Follow Along:

What role does Part C have in screening and surveillance? Why is it different than Child Protection and Early Head Start? MDH does not have good data collection, but Shawn has looked county by county. There is a lot of variability among counties.

Trying to come up with equitable formula and take this off of the IEICs to fund. At state level, the program is experiencing the same thing as at the regional level. It was requested that the state not rush making this decision.

Home Visiting:

The program is expanding due to federal dollars. There are now two supervisors of the home visiting unit.

What is role of public health?

The Children and Youth with Special Health Needs workgroup finished developing a strategic plan. In March this will go to the advisory task force for approval and MDH will send it out to the ICC.

Wrap up/Adjourn

Motion made to adjourn the meeting. This motion was seconded and carried.

Next Meeting: April 18, 2013 at MDE