Nonpublic Education Council

Review Parameters and Directions for the Nonpublic Education Council Accreditation Committee

Updated March 2009

Committee Reports to the Council

I. The Committee will report to the Minnesota Nonpublic Education Council regarding the accrediting organization's standards in its accrediting procedures, the accrediting organization's ongoing planning and assessment of its work, and the accrediting organization's likely contribution to the quality and integrity of nonpublic education in the state.
The Committee will present to the Minnesota Nonpublic Education Council a copy of the Checklist for Recognition Criteria and a paragraph addressing each of the following questions:
A. What were the major issues discussed by the Committee? What were the responses of the accrediting organization?
B. What further information and/or revisions were requested by the Committee? How did the applicant respond?
C. What is the recommendation of the Committee?
II. Decision of the Council (See Guidelines, Part C).
A. The Council may recognize the applicant organization.
B. The Council may request additional information and defer the decision until the following Council meeting.
C. The Council may decline to recognize the applicant organization.