School Facilities Financing Working Group

Reporting Back

School Facilities Work Group Meeting – 9/18/13

Equity Core Issue
Deferred Maintenance: Not equalized
Protect investment
Good repair
Major community investment
Schools vs. Other public facilities
Buildings for adults are more recent and kept-up than buildings for children.
Bonding vs. Deferred maintenance. Why?
Base Standards
Enough space
Safety standards met
Conducive learning environment
Is there an annual per-pupil cost?
Is there a pent-up demand?
2000 Report from Senator Wiger

9. Alternative Facilities: 45% of MN students in these schools

A. Difference between size of communities


• New construction

• Capital improvement (roof replacement, add asset)

Non-Voter Approved (Board-Approved)

• Deferred maintenance

• Regulatory safety alt facility language

• Like for like

• Equity

• Voters have denied x number of times

• Health and safety redesign


• Natural disasters

• Technology