School Facilities Financing Working Group

First Consideration: Review and Comment Recommendation

The School Facilities Financing Work Group Recommends the following changes to the current facilities review and comment requirements in Minnesota Statutes, section 123b.71, Subdivision 9.

1.) Review and comment would be required on projects greater than $2 million.

2.) That the process be streamlined to eliminate subsection 4 through 6, and 9 through 16;.

3.) That subsection 3 be amended to read as follows:

(3) a list of the specific deficiencies of the facility that demonstrate the need for a new or renovated facility to be provided, the process used to determine the deficiencies, and a list of those deficiencies that will and will not be addressed by the proposed project. and a list of the specific benefits that the new or renovated facility will provide to the students, teachers, and community users served by the facility;”

4.) That subsection 8 be amended to include the requirement that the “statutory authority” for the source of the funding be cited;

5.) That two new subsection be added that read as follows:

“(x) confirmations of the district and contracted professionals that the project is planned and will be executed to consider and comply with the following:

(i) section 471.345 Uniform Municipal Contracting Law;
(ii) sustainable design;

(iii) section 123B.72 School Facility Commissioning requiring certification that plans and designs for extensively renovated or new facility’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems will meet or exceed current code standards; and will provide an air quality filtration system that meets ASHRAE standard 52.1;

(iv) American National Standards Institute Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements and Guidelines for Schools of the maximum background noise level and reverberation times;

(v) Minnesota State Fire Code;

(vi) applicable building code under chapter 326B;

(vii) consultation with appropriate governmental units regarding utilities, roads, sewers, sidewalks, retention ponds, school bus and automobile traffic, safe access for walkers and bicyclists;

(xx) for capital projects under section 123B.63 addressing only technology, a school board resolution stating funds approved by voters will be used only as authorized in section 126C.10, subdivision 14.”