Special Education Case Loads Task Force

Special Education Caseloads Task Force: Reporting Back from September 24 Meeting

Welcome and Introductions

Rose Hermodson, Assistant Commissioner

· Rose led members into roundtable member introductions.

· Selection of Co-Chairs

· Members were asked to complete the Information sheet from the green folder. Rose invited members that were interested to serve as Co-Chairs to her know. If no responses are received, Rose will assign at the next meeting on October 15, 2013.

Review of Statute and Charge to Task Force

Rose Hermodson, Assistant Commissioner

· Rose reviewed Chapter 116, Article 5: Sec.28 to the members

Caseload background information

Barbara Troolin, Special Education Director

Mary Lindell, Special Education Workforce Specialist

· Along with a PowerPoint (PP) and handout copy, Barbara, Mary and Joan gave an overview of the following items:

· Current Minnesota Rule 3525.2340

· Other states’ statutes, policies and definitions

· Earlier Minnesota Workload Task Force

· Local policies and personnel trends

· Other research

· Discussion followed

Alignment of current rules to statute

Marikay Canaga Litzau, Due Process Supervisor

Kerstin Forsythe-Hahn, Rule Making Coordinator

· Marikay and Kerstin presented a PowerPoint with handouts.
· The Rulemaking Process includes four types of processes (i.e., traditional, expedited, exempt and emergency). An unaligned laws and rules list will be available for member review.

Committee Discussion: Issues and Process

Rose Hermodson, Assistant Commissioner

· Marikay Litzau and Kerstin Forsythe are contacts for aligning rule and statute and possible state rule revisions. Daron Korte gave a brief history of the evolution of the task force and other work on paperwork reduction.
· Member comments included:
o Use Paraprofessionals
o Definition of terms
o Paperwork
o Funding changes
o Cost and efficient strategies and structures for better student outcomes
o Structure models i.e. co and team teaching
o Effective instruction
o Inclusive education

Housekeeping, Mileage, Calendar

Rose Hermodson, Assistant Commissioner

· Rose reminded the members to register for a vendor number if planning to turn in mileage expenses to Clair for reimbursement.