Standard Adult High School Diploma Task Force

High School Completion Options for Adults

Chapter PI 5, Wis. Admin. Code

Eligibility Requirements - PI 5.03


Age (18.5 years old OR the class entered 9th grade with has graduated)

Educational status

Assessment/counseling requirements

Certificate of General Educational Development (GED) - PI 5.035

Meet 5.03 requirements (above) and pass the GED subtests

High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) - PI 5.05

Meet 5.03 requirements (above) and pass the GED subtests

Meet the additional requirements of Citizenship, Health, Career Awareness and Employability Skills

HSED based on high school credits – PI 5.06

Meet 5.03 requirements (above)

22 credits including 11 specific credits referenced in PI 5.06(1)

Post-secondary credits allowed at 3 to 1 ratio (postsecondary to secondary)

Certified transcripts required

Submitted to DPI on PI-1716 with documentation attached

HSED based on post-secondary education – PI 5.07

Meet 5.03 requirements (above)

24 semester credits or 32 quarter credits required

Only post-secondary credits count

Must have credits in all areas of state graduation requirements

Certified transcripts required

Submit to DPI on PI-1716 with documentation attached

HSED based on foreign diploma – PI 5.08

Meet 5.03 requirements (above)

Foreign high school or postsecondary diploma and certified transcript required

If appropriate, certified translation required

US citizen OR meets both the following:

Speaks, reads and writes ordinary English and

Passes citizenship course or documents meets US

History and forms of government required

for US citizenship

Submit to DPI on PI-1716 with documentation attached

HSED based on completion of a program approved by the state superintendent

Meet 5.03 requirements (above)

Approved program submits to DPI on PI 1716 with documentation that the student has completed an approved program that includes all of the following:

Program must include employability skills, career awareness, citizenship and each of the subject areas under s.118.33(1)(a) except physical education

Applications must include the following:

A description of courses, training and counseling, including the number of hours of instruction

A description of the methods of evaluation or assessment used to determine a person’s knowledge and skills

Qualifications of the professional staff members who will be involved in the program

A description of any target groups (e.g. older workers, minorities, etc.) which might effectively served

A description of how the program will meet any special needs of the proposed target group

A plan for evaluating the proposed program to determine its effectiveness in assessing high school equivalency