Standard Adult High School Diploma Task Force

124D.52. Subd. 8. Minnesota Standard Adult High School Diploma

(a) The commissioner shall establish and maintain a program for granting a standard adult high school diploma to persons who:
(1) are not eligible for kindergarten through grade 12 services;
(2) do not have a recognized high school diploma; and
(3) successfully complete an Adult Basic Education program of instruction approved by the commissioner of education necessary to earn a standard adult high school diploma as described in 124D.52. Subd. 9.
(b) Persons participating in an approved standard adult high school diploma program of instruction must demonstrate the competencies, knowledge, and skills sufficient to ensure that postsecondary programs and institutions and potential employers regard persons with a standard adult high school diploma as well prepared and qualified.

Subd. 9. Adult Diploma Program Requirements.

(a) The commissioner shall establish operational requirements for standard adult high school diploma programming.
(b) Authority to operate a standard adult high school diploma program must be contingent upon successful completion of an application to the Minnesota Department of Education and subject to ongoing approval.
(c) The commissioner may establish minimum student eligibility requirements.
(d) All adult students must participate in an initial intake and advising session for purposes of reviewing prior educational attainment and other experiences, identifying educational and career goals, and developing an individualized learning plan for diploma completion.
(e) The commissioner shall establish competencies, skills and knowledge requirements in the following areas:
(1) Reading, writing, speaking and listening and mathematics;
(2) Career development and employability skills; and
(3) Additional areas, e.g. science and social studies, to be consistent with educational and career goals identified in the individual student learning plan.
(f) Demonstrating Completion. Programs receiving approval may allow the student to demonstrate competency in the following ways, according to criteria established by the commissioner:
(1) Prior experience based on competency verification
(2) Test completion
(3) Instruction and course completion
(4) Applied learning through contextualized projects
(g) Approved adult basic education consortia must resubmit a standard adult high school diploma program application for reauthorization along with their five-year adult basic education consortium narrative.
(h) Local approved standard adult high school diploma programs must transfer a record of work completed to other Adult Basic Education consortia operating standard adult high school diploma programs and to other entities upon student request as stipulated in Subd. 10.
(i) The commissioner shall review programs for compliance with program requirements as established by the commissioner.
(j) The department shall identify best practices in adult diploma programming and develop adult diploma policy recommendations to assist in implementation of the program.

Subd. 10. Adult Diploma Student Records

(a) The department in approving applications shall determine that documentation of the student’s achievement of the program requirements is part of a permanent record maintained by the adult basic education consortium. This record shall be transferable to other approved standard adult high school diploma programs, adult basic education consortia, the department, an employer or postsecondary institutions upon granting of the diploma or when a student transfers to a new Adult Basic Education program.
(b) The department shall establish a format for maintaining and transferring the student’s record.

Subd. 11. Granting of Adult Diploma.

(a) The commissioner has the authority to issue a Minnesota standard adult high school diploma and transcript for any individual who has satisfied the requirements.
(b) An ABE Consortia with an approved and operating standard adult high school diploma program may work with a participating local school district to issue a standard district diploma to any individual who has satisfied the adult diploma requirements.

Subd. 12. Standard Adult Diploma Program Advisory Committee.

(a) The commissioner shall establish an advisory committee consisting of seven individuals representing practitioners, school boards and administrators who work with Adult Basic Education to advise the department in establishing standards and requirement to ensure high-quality programs. The committee shall review program requirements and diploma standards regularly.