Teacher Licensure Task Force


Reporting Back: Notes from Teacher Licensure Task Force Meeting on 8/22/13

I. College Entrance Exams

A. Should these qualify?

II. How Tests Should Be

A. Multi-tiered, Student results-oriented, Skills related to student needs

1. Focus on pedagogy

2. Across curriculum

3. What does literacy look like?

4. Teacher prep is focused on effectiveness

5. Practice for teaching residency

6. A single test score must be multi-tiered, showing what candidate scored on each section

7. Professional self-governance is difficult

8. Should be authentic assessment

9. Accommodating of career changed

10. Metro v. Out-state

11. Alignment of expectations

A) Preparation and classroom

12. Value of Board of Teaching

13. Exam prior to entry diagnostic


A. Pearson can be better at getting information back