Teacher Licensure Task Force

Listening Session Process

Date: October 17, 2012

Time 1:00 to 3:00

Location: Education Minnesota Fall Conference, St. Paul River Centre

Parkview Room at 317 on Rice Park.

· It is at the corner of Kellogg Blvd. and Washington facing Rice Park. See attached floor plan/map.
· The room will be set with round tables and a head table just in case one is needed. This building was recently refurbished. It connects to the RiverCentre but is also accessible from the street.
· Parking is available at the RiverCentre Ramp and any other ramp that is near the Excel Centre. I’ve even parked at the St. Paul Hotel ramp, when attending a meeting there. See attached floor plan/map.

Roles for Task Force members:

Attendees will be divided into groupings so that each group is about the same size.

3-5 Task Force members should be part of each grouping. Task Force members have the following roles:

· Main Facilitator—leads group discussion

· Secondary Facilitator - For groups larger than approximately 20

· Note takers (2)

The Main Facilitators will lead the discussion by introducing themselves and explaining what the listening session is about. (Sample Script)

“Thank you for coming today. We are here to gather your input to help us improve how Minnesota licenses candidates who wish to teach in Minnesota. Of particular interest are the testing requirements that all teacher candidates must meet before they can be licensed. We have found that some people have difficulty passing these exams even though they have met all of the other requirements established by their college teacher preparation program and have graduated from college. We would like to have you share your thoughts and ideas. ”

Managing Flow of Comments:

To assure participation by all attendees, each Main Facilitator will have a (item) that will be passed from one attendee to the next. The instructions are that when that person has the (item) it is their turn to speak. They have the right to pass and not say anything and then move on to the next person. After each has had a chance to respond or pass move on to the next question. Encourage them to keep their comments brief so each person has a chance to participate.

Questions for the Attendees

[Intro] Open with name, reason for being there, and a "warm up" question - such as "what is something unusual you saw on the drive here today" and explain the process for the flow of comments. Then continue with the following questions..

· What do you feel are the important elements for being an effective teacher?

· What is your issue of most concern about requirements for Teacher Licensure and specifically as it relates to the testing requirements?

· How have you been impacted by the current process?

· What suggestions do you have for making the process work better?

· What is one piece of advice you have for task force members?

Closing: Thank attendees for coming and assure them that their input will be brought back to the task force for discussion.