Learning Matters
Learning Matters is the Minnesota Department of Education's bi-monthly newsletter. It provides education-related news and information on agency initiatives and events. Each issue features a selection of recent news stories from the department, various media sources--our new agency blog--bloggED, and upcoming events.
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Learning Matters, June 5, 2015
Mounds View's National Champion Student Economics Team; New Career Profile Tool, Petition to Proposed Desegregation and Integration Rules, New Kindergarten Video, Libraries and World's Best Workforce Mini-grants and more.

Learning Matters, May 29, 2015
Meet the amazing 2015 Scholars of Distinction, Register for the School Climate Policy Institute, Hear additional voices on Universal Pre-K and read a selection of education-related news from around the state.

Learning Matters, May 13, 2015
New Report Highlights Need for Public Preschool Options in Minnesota, Minnesota Regional Centers of Excellence Receive Top 25 Innovations Award, Twitter Chat: Share Your College Acceptance Stories, Education in the News, Latest from bloggED, Upcoming events and more.

Learning Matters, April 24, 2015
Public listening sessions around the state, Minnesota's Regional Libraries team up to deliver free book to every Head Start student, Minnesota China Teacher Exchange, 7th annual Gifted and Talented Symposium, e-Learning Summit, Education in the News and the latest from bloggED.

Learning Matters, April 9, 2015
New Federal Report, A Matter of Equity: Preschool in America; Nominations Open for 2015 President's Education Awards; 4th Annual Healthy School Recipe Challenge; Online Education Jobsite, Best Practice Resources; Education in the News and more.

Learning Matters, March 31, 2015
Minnesota Flexibilty Request Approved; Commissioner Visit's the Head Start Program She Attended as a Child; ACT Testing Possible Impact on Student Meal Service, Check out the Upcoming Events and Minnesota Education in the News.

Learning Matters, March 4, 2015
Minnesota Graduation Rates Rise; A Positive Approach to Discipline, Commissioner Cassellius is the Mystery Reader; Respond to our Website survey; Latest from bloggED; Education in the news and more.

Learning Matters, February 13, 2015
Sponsors for 2015 Summer Food Service Program Sought, School Desegregation and Integration Rules Requests for Comments, Summer Food Workshops, Teacher Development and Evaluation Webinar Series, Latest from the blog, Upcoming Events and more.

Learning Matters, January 30, 2015
Governor Dayton's Budget Proposal Announced, Summer Food Programs Webinar, Recent Legislative Reports, Education in the News, Latest from BloggED, Upcoming Events and more

Learning Matters, January 16, 2015
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Celebration, Pathways to Postsecondary 2.0 Final Summit on Feb. 6, First-Ever 90-Second Newbery Film Festival in Minnesota on Feb 28, Education in the News, Latest from BloggED, Upcoming Events and more.

Learning Matters, December 30, 2014
Celebration Schools Announced, State Library Services Wins Governor’s Award, Helping parents and caregivers build reading readiness, Education in the News, Latest from the blog and more.

Learning Matters, December 12, 2014
School Safety Technical Assistance Center Launches Website, MDE Announces New Hires, Financial Management Advisory Committee Seeking New Members, STEM and Afterschool Conference Scheduled: April 14, 15, Latest from our Blog, Education in the News and more.

Learning Matters, November 20, 2014
90-Second Newbery Film Competition, meet two teachers working in the same district who happen to be mother and daughter, nominate an oustanding science or mathematics teacher, register for the Born to Thrive Summit and more.

Learning Matters, November 5, 2014
We Day in Minnesota, Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014 Minnesota Milken Awardee, latest from BloggED, 90-second Newbery Film Competition for Kids, education in the news and more.

Learning Matters, October 22, 2014
Commissioner joins students at College Knowledge Month event; Afterschool Programs Highlighted, Facts and Information about Ebola, latest from BloggED, Minnesota education in the news and more.

Learning Matters, October 1, 2014
Support to Schools is Working; Multiple Measurements Rating Release; U.S. Department of Education Announces 2014 Blue Ribbon Schools, Professional Development Opportunities and Upcoming Event, latest from BloggED and more.
Learning Matters, September 15, 2014
Pathways to Postsecondary Summits - Phase II, October is College Knowledge Month, Does physical activity impact students and learning? Upcoming events: Full-day K Workshop on Oct. 21, and American Indian Education Summit on Oct. 15 and more.

Learning Matters, August 27, 2014
Minnesota students make steady progress on MCAs, outperform nation on ACT; Prevent Bullying resource; education in the news; latest from our blog and more.

Learning Matters, July 14, 2014
Minnesota one of 15 states to meet new compliance and results requirements, more funding for schools, MDE wins innovation award, school supplies tax credit for parents, latest from BloggED, by the numbers and more

Learning Matters, June 24, 2014
Another tool to close the Achievement Gap: Family Engagement Summits, Minnesota Graduation 2014 Captured in Photos, Summer Learning Resources, Summer Meals for Kids and more

Learning Matters, May 27, 2012
A Fond Farewell to Maya Angelou, Summer Learning Loss, Changes to Summer Meal Benefits, Scholars of Distinction Annual Awards Ceremony, Minnesota Fun Facts and more
  • Learning Matters, May 12, 2014  - 5/14/14
    Minnesota 2014 Teacher of the Year, 2014 Minnesota National Distinguished Principal, $45 M for School-Linked Mental Health Services, May Dates in History and more
  • Learning Matters, April 28, 2014  - 4/30/14
    Video Series Features Minnesota Youth and Families, Statement from Commissioner about 2014 Green Ribbon Schools, Regional Centers of Excellence, latest from BloggED and more
  • Learning Matters, April 11, 2014  - 4/16/14
    Statement from Commissioner on passage of Anti-Bullying bill, Increasing Grad Rates-Preventing Dropouts, latest from BloggED and more
  • Learning Matters, March 28 2014  - 4/1/14
    Task Forces and Work Groups, Integration Update, Gifted & Talented Symposium, Education News, Latest from BloggED
  • Learning Matters, March 14, 2014  - 3/25/14
    Achievement Gap Summit, College and Career Readiness videos, ACT Recogntion Ceremony, World's Best workforce
  • Learning Matters - February 25, 2014  - 2/25/14
    Highest Graduation Rates in a Decade, Minnesota Schools Making Progress On Closing Achievement Gap, Participation in Advanced Placement Courses Nearly Doubles