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Minnesota Department of Education Allows Districts More Time to Complete Student Testing Online

ROSEVILLE – Commissioner of Education Brenda Cassellius announced today that the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) will extend the state’s online testing window.

In a memo to superintendents and district assessment coordinators, Commissioner Cassellius informed school districts of the department’s decision to allow additional time to complete online testing after technology glitches caused interruptions to student testing. The extended timeline will ensure ample time for all students to complete all required tests.

“Every student deserves a fair and accurate assessment of their performance,” said Commissioner Cassellius. “And every teacher, every school and every parent should have confidence in the information the tests provide. The additional time may ease some of the inconvenience these interruptions have caused and allow us more time to fully evaluate any potential impact on student test scores.”

The department’s decision comes after careful consideration and consultation with superintendents, school district assessment coordinators, the state’s technical advisory committee, and the US Department of Education.

“None of the decisions around testing are made lightly, and we continue to believe in the value of high quality assessments that help students learn better and teachers teach better,” said Cassellius. “My staff and I will continue working closely with teachers, districts, experts and stakeholders to create the next generation of online assessments that will help better prepare Minnesota students for success in college and career.”

Read the Commissioner’s memo.