Executive Team
Commissioner Cassellius
Dr. Brenda Cassellius, Commissioner

Minnesota’s education commissioner heads an agency of more than 450 employees, charged with the mission of improving educational achievement for children from PreK-12. Commissioner Cassellius works closely with Governor Mark Dayton to promote a wide variety of early learning and K-12 education policies and initiatives designed to challenge Minnesota students with rigor and relevance, while maintaining accountability for results.

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Charlene Briner 
Charlene Briner, Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff, Charlene facilitates activities of the Office of the Commissioner and oversees the Divisions of Communications, Early Learning Services and Human Resources.

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Steve Dibb, Deputy Commissioner
Steve Dibb, Deputy Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner Steve Dibb is responsible for day-to-day agency operations, including fiscal policy, guidance to the Assistant Commissioners and oversees the Division of Career and College Success.

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Assistant Commissioner Hue Nguyen
Hue Nguyen, Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner Nguyen provides oversight of the divisions of Government Relations, Educator Licensing and Federal Programs.

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Gov Relations Director Daron Korte - 3x4 Hires
Daron Korte, Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner Daron Korte oversees the Divisions of Special Education, Compliance and Assistance, Safety, Health and Nutrition, and Equity and Innovation.

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Assistant Commissioner Kevin McHenry 3x4 hires
Kevin McHenry, Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner Kevin McHenry oversees the department’s programs for Student Testing and Assessment, Charter Schools, Educator Licensing, State Library Services and the School Safety Technical Assistance Center.

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Denise Anderson, CFO 4 exec page
Denise Anderson, Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Denise is responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the financial, administrative, budgeting and risk management functions.

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Josh Collins - Hires 3x4
Josh Collins, Communications Director

As Director of Communications, Josh is the primary contact for media.

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Government Relations Director Adosh Unni
Adosh Unni, Government Relations Director

As the Director of Government Relations, Adosh serves as the primary liaison between the state legislature and the department.

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