2012 Superintendent Mail


TO: Superintendents

FROM: Dr. Brenda Cassellius, Commissioner

DATE: August 9, 2012


• Governor Dayton Speaks at 2012 School Leadership Summit

Governor Dayton stopped by the annual superintendents conference on Tuesday to offer some words of support to school leadership attendees. See the video.


• Commissioner Cassellius Takes Back-to-School Tour to Saint Cloud

Commissioner Cassellius was in Saint Cloud for her Back-to-School Tour. She met with teachers, administrators, students, parents and community members about district efforts regarding literacy, STEM, nutrition, conservation and the community-based education campaign, “Partner for Student Success.” See the August 8 press release.

• Commissioner Cassellius Embarks on Back-to-School Tour

With the new school year just a month away, Minnesota Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius is embarking on a tour across Minnesota to highlight exciting education efforts taking place throughout the state. See the August 6 press release.


• Disciplinary Incident Report – Deadline Extended to August 15, 2012

The Minnesota Department of Education is required by state and federal law to collect the data requested in the Disciplinary Incident Reporting System (DIRS). Due to technical difficulties, the deadline for submitting data to DIRS has been extended to August 15, 2012. We apologize for the difficulties you may have encountered in submitting your data. To those districts that have completed their submission and certified the data, thank you.  To those districts still working to complete their submission, we thank you for your patience. For guidance information or to submit your Disciplinary Incident Report, visit the Disciplinary Incident Reporting System Web page.

Please complete the reports for all school buildings and certify school district data of disciplinary incidents into DIRS by August 15, 2012. If you need any additional assistance regarding DIRS, you may use the following contacts.

For password, approvals and access set-up, or general DIRS processing inquiries, contact Ann Iweriebor at 651-582-8352; ann.iweriebor@state.mn.us.

For clarification of statutes, reporting requirements or other content questions, contact Marikay Canaga Litzau at 651-582-8459; marikay.litzau@state.mn.us; or Nancy Riestenberg at 651-582-8433; nancy.riestenberg@state.mn.us.

For DIRS system problems, contact Tech support at mde.it-helpdesk@state.mn.us.

For DIRS batch set-up or support issues, contact Batch support mde.batch@state.mn.us.


• U.S. Department of Education’s School Year 2011-12 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Submission Website

Opening day is nearing for the U.S. Department of Education’s School Year 2011-12 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) submission website.  The CRDC is currently in the Pre-Collection phase.  During this phase, districts are encouraged to use specially designed pre-collection tools to collect and save school year 2011-12 data for submission in September.  We encourage you to take advantage of the pre-collection tools during this final month before survey opening day.  September is a very busy month for schools and by using these tools now, the submission process should be smoother and less burdensome as we start into the next school year. 

Visit the CRDC website to access these pre-collection tools, including:

o Flat File Specifications:  Designed to support larger districts that can use the summer months to prepare their CRDC submission.

o Excel Templates: User-friendly templates designed for school districts to collect data and create a data files to upload minimizing the manual data entry into the submission website. 

o PDF Templates:  Designed for districts with 1-2 schools to record the CRDC data to be manually entered into the submission website in September.

Training webinars have also been prepared to introduce the CRDC and the pre-collection tools. To find these and other CRDC resources, visit the CRDC website. If you have any questions about SY 2011-12 CRDC, please do not hesitate to contact the Partner Support Center. Click the Contact Support link and complete the form. Telephone: 1-855-320-6459. Fax: 888-329-3336 (888-FAX-EDEN). TTY/TDD: 888-403-3336