MDE Weekly Superintendent Mail

June 27, 2013


Educator Licensing Update – Basic Skills Testing Changes

A new law (2013 Minnesota Session Law, Chapter 116) which became effective at the end of the recently concluded 2013 legislative session directs the Board of Teaching and Educator Licensing to change certain testing conditions for receiving temporary licenses. These temporary licenses do not require passing scores for the MTLE Basic Skills tests (the Content and Pedagogy testing requirements have not changed). Please view details of these changes on the Educator Licensing website.

2013 Minnesota Staff Development Legislation Changes and Reporting Requirements

Please read the June 27 memorandum from Steve Dibb, director of School Support; and Tom Melcher, director of School Finance. The 2013 Minnesota Legislature enacted changes in staff development pertaining to the requirement to allocate portions of reserved staff development revenue for particular purposes (Laws of Minnesota 2013, Chapter 116, Article 3, Section 20). Also enacted was a change eliminating the authority for school districts to transfer funds from the reserved account for staff development beginning in FY 2014 (Laws of Minnesota 2013, Chapter 116, Article 7, Section 19). For assistance with questions, please contact Deborah Luedtke (651-582-8440).

District and School Site Verification Annual System Updates

The Minnesota Department of Education will launch a new system for submission of District and School Site Verification information. The new system will be available to Site Verification Coordinators through the MDE Organization Reference Glossary (MDE-ORG) beginning July 15. More information is provided in the June 26 memorandum from Chief Information Officer Matthew Porett. Please forward this information to your District and School Site Verification coordinator. For assistance with questions, please contact Mary Pat Olsen (651-582-8624).

Recent Change in Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Regulations

The Uninterrupted Scholars Act (Public Law 112-278) was enacted on January 14, 2013, which amends FERPA regulations. Please read the June 4 memorandum from the commissioners of the Minnesota Departments of Human Services and Education. The Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Human Services will provide further guidance to local school districts and county child welfare agencies as it becomes available. To contact U.S. Department of Education officials who can provide assistance regarding FERPA questions, visit the U.S. Department of Education website.