Rulemaking is an administrative process that enables agencies to craft rules about substantive topics in their areas of expertise and responsibility. Rules created through the rulemaking process have the force and effect of law. Agency rules often fill in gaps and address issues that are not completely addressed by state and federal statutes.
In order to engage in rulemaking, the Minnesota Department of Education must first receive authority for rulemaking from the Minnesota legislature. The statutory language that provides this authority to the agency is called the statutory authority for the rule. Rules can be adopted through formal, exempt, or expedited rulemaking, depending on the process that is set out in the statutory authority given to the agency.
Our agency must maintain a current, public rulemaking docket that includes a list of proposed rulemaking and current pending rulemaking proceedings. If you have questions about the rulemaking process please visit our rulemaking process webpage or contact the agency’s rulemaking coordinator.  For more specific information on rulemaking, read the Minnesota Rulemaking Manual, available on the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) website. A link is provided, for your convenience.
Rulemaking Mailing List
The department maintains a rulemaking mailing list and will notify individuals on the list of all rulemaking proceedings. E-mail us your full name and address to be added to the Rulemaking mailing list.